Friday, April 2, 2010

Ward Shower

Some sweet ladies in my ward threw me a shower, it was so fun!

One friend made me this cute diaper cake! It was hard for me to take it apart because it was so cute!

Kati...This one's for you!

My friend Holly and I at Phantom when it came through to Dallas on Broadway
(We were getting an ice cream cone at McDonald's before hand and I had my window down to pay the money and a man with long greasy dread locks and a large glittery peace sign necklace came running up to our window and ask if I wanted to buy any ecstasy! I was frantically trying to lock my doors, roll up my window and tell him that "no thank-you" we weren't interested. That's downtown Dallas for you!)

This is 32 weeks!
Us with our friends the Corbridge's mini-golfing
Clark at 34 weeks!
Nice belly view at 34 weeks...Clark thought it was really funny to video me trying to swing a gold club pregnant...I can't even swing one not pregnant! I have deleted many of these videos so posterity never has to go through the torture of watching them!

Okay Kati...I did it, I posted belly in return I want to see pictures of your new house!